Feb 28th 2015

Producers, Producing, Production Jones

@ The Carl

1957 W Cullerton, Chicago, IL

Opening Saturday, February 28th, from 7PM - 10:30PM

Producers, Producing Production Jones is a three person show featuring Wa Chontong,Gülşah Mursaloğlu, and Allison Zuckerman showcasing three different attitudes and approaches when dealing with production.

Wa Chontong Produces the wonderful immaterial thing we call friendship. Thinking about exchange and the conditions that lead to it, Wa facilitates conversations, he builds friendships and his work cannot be completed without another producer’s help.

Gülşah Mursaloğlu Creates pieces that take us to places near and far, they piece together elements of agriculture, industry and the broad world of cooking. Gülşah’s pieces interact with the viewers imagination and sense of place through their proximities to the viewer, their smell, and their scale, placing them both in a world of the familiar but also in the world of the unknown

Allison Zuckerman’s Hybridized painting collages or collaged paintings produce an image of herself through the pictoral language and imagery of a mass culture that often marginalizes and subjugates women. Through the use of this pictoral language and imagery; Allie produces paintings in opposition to the aforementioned mass culture. Reappropriating her childhood and personal experience, while transforming her childhood timidness into a self actualized immanent power.

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