Jan 24th 2015

Join us on Saturday, January 24th for a closing reception and gallery talk with work : work artists Katy Cowan and Michael Milano. We’re very happy to have Caroline Picard on hand to lead the conversation.

Katy Cowan’s contribution to work : work is a series of new sculptures that are meant to comment on the particularities of the exhibition space. Her interest is on how one’s understanding of the artwork is shaped by their materials in conjunction with their placement. The work combines wax, concrete, ropes, steel, daylight, dye, ceramic casts, rebar, dead flowers, toes, fingers, outlets, stasis, noses, hands, love, two-by-fours, wood scraps, banana peels, electrical wire, time, hammers, space, weavings, quickness, gravity and extension cords. There is a constant regard to the humor involved in confronting a person’s physical space.

In work : work, Michael Milano presents new fabric-based constructions indebted in equal measure to abstraction and textile materials and processes. These works, motivated by a curiosity in making, reveal their own materiality and fabrication while oscillating between image and object. Milano combines a minimum of processes –- such as folding, stitching, pressing, and piecing -– seeking a studied simplicity that is responsive to the physical properties, and sympathetic to the social and historical connotations of the works’ subsistence.

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