Jan 23rd 2015

“Treatise” is an exhibition and publication project that brings together fourteen young design offices to consider the architectural treatise as a site for theoretical inquiry, experimentation, and debate. Organized by Chicago and Los Angeles-based designer Jimenez Lai, “Treatise” presents new and recent works by a dynamic group of designers working in the realm of conceptual architecture in addition to fourteen individually-authored treatises.

The participants include: Bittertang (New York); Bureau Spectacular (Chicago); CAMES/gibson (Chicago); Design With Company (Chicago); Fake Industries Architectural Agonism (New York); First Office (Los Angeles); is-office (Chicago); Andrew Kovacs (Los Angeles); Alex Maymind (Los Angeles); Norman Kelley (Chicago and New York); Point Supreme (Athens, Greece); SOFTlab (New York); SPEEDISM (Brussels, Belgium); and Young & Ayata (New York).

The Treatise series will be published in March 2015 and will be accompanied by a launch event at the Graham Foundation. Both the complete set and individual volumes (116-pages each; $20) will be available for purchase online and in the Graham Foundation bookshop.

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