Jan 11th 2015

Sarah Berkeley & Regin Igloria: Holding

@ ACRE Projects

1913 West 17th Street, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Sunday, January 11th, from 4PM - 8PM

On view through Sunday, January 25th

Curated by Liz McCarthy

Under a high sun they crouch on their hands and knees over the gnarly flocks of grass. With simple household scissors and bare fists, they tear and chop the foliage corralled by cheerful orange ribbons. Through the steady progress of the task at hand, they are aware of life’s buzz all around them. The sound of their breath and bodies in repetitive motion intermingles with insects and breeze. With beads of sweat on their foreheads, they look behind at the once unruly ground they have sculpted. The fruit of their labor comes into focus; a trail, a path, a space opened for new possibility.

Sarah Berkley and Regin Igloria’s collaboration explores labor as a meditative exercise. In this ACRE Projects exhibition “Holding” the duo are creating faux and manipulated landscapes where they perform and document exhausting self-imposed tasks. Their constructed missions become arbitrary and unnecessarily difficult feats of athleticism and recreation. Through this heightened physicality, they transcend the banality of everyday routine to reach an active state of mindfulness.

On one half of the gallery they offer the viewer documentation from their performance in the ACRE landscape, where they mapped and cleared a walking trail with only menial hand tools. In the other half of the gallery the artists offer the audience a live performance that involves sustained gestures of physical support.

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