Jan 24th 2015

Paul Nelson – “WTVR (books).” 2010-2015.


Claire Arctander – “Had it have been a snake it would’ve bit you: Material gothmojis for the sop-souled”

In the windows, Paul presents an array of the books he has been making for the past five years. On the walls and stage, Claire shows a new body of drawings, sculptures, posters and latch hook rugs.

Please join us from 7-9pm on Saturday, January 24 for a reception for the artists!

The show is up now through February 13.

Here’s an intro from Claire about her work:
Here are gothmojis for the people with the soppy insides. The insides that leak out a little time to time. For the imaginaries of care and collectivity and for knowing that both are true – really. We are really each all alone here and there is really something among us and that thing is spirit. And we pour spirit, always sploshing over, into vessels. The curve of a lip, the ceiling of your favorite bar, a tiny digital illustration of fire. To hold and sip and share for a bit. To be gifted, you gotta give it away. Even when your gifts are piss in the gutter they seep in somewhere, for they must.

And from Paul about his books:
I have this idea that quantity and quality are interchangeable, I’m really not sure that its true. If I keep throwing things at the wall something will stick. The time the sun rose and set everyday that I’ve been alive or a photo of every tree in the park behind my mothers house (or 1/100 the total). Failure is exciting, more exciting than the successes. “you wanna come over, i bought ghostbusters 1 and two”. “you wanna come over, i seriously cant stop listening to REM and I cant stop thinking about you”. Each book is unique, made by hand or machine, bound in some way. They are meant to be dirty and in disrepair. Here they are arranged for you and you cant touch, but sometimes you can, sometimes I really want you to. I have this hope that if I keep trying at it something will happen and I think that things are happening when I think things are not happening.

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