Jan 23rd 2015

Not Here

@ Fernwey

916 N Damen Avenue

Opening Friday, January 23rd, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, February 15th

Drew Peterson – Megan Stroech – Steven Vainberg – Hyounsang Yoo

Talia Gutin on “fernweh”:

Fernweh, a word with no equivalent in the English language. When broken down, fernweh literally translates to, “farsickness,” and is often unsatisfyingly paraphrased as, “an ache for distant places.” Despite the translational shortcomings, and whether explained in German or English, the word remains difficult to grasp, perhaps because the feeling fernweh aims to describe is inherently ungraspable….

…The unknown is a place for reinvention. It’s a space of limitless possibilities and, as such, an opportunity to wipe our slates clean and begin anew. It is a chance to relinquish confining mental constructs of the self—how we view ourselves and how others view us. The formlessness inherent in fernweh allows us to re-conceptualize and re-create our being in any way we choose.

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