Jan 9th 2015

The formation of a recipe mediates between the axis of chaos and order, and an individual’s attempt to negotiate this. Often it canonizes or authenticates a particular custom that seeks to obtain a specific ingredient, ratio, and/or preparatory method. From the cookbook to the spell book, the mixtape to the manual, the group exhibition, Modi • Operandi (on recipes, intimacy, trauma & other investigations) considers the paralleling and divergent moments of formulaic and linguistic disciplines that jointly and individually appear in the artists’ studios. Featuring Delaney DeMott, Hope Esser, Rami George, Dan Paz, Megan Stroech, and Jenyu Wang, this six-person exhibition marks the end of their yearlong residency with HATCH Projects.

Initially inspired by the regular series of potlucks partaken by the artist group, and in part a response to the book, Recipes for an Encounter edited by Marisa Jahn, Candace Hopkins, and Berin Golonu, Modi • Operandi exposes these artists’ intrinsic nature to generate ideas as a collective. Much like a recipe, their commitment to the act of sharing and exchanging collaboratively has cultivated a central sense of community and hyper-consciousness of themselves and one another, atypical to the conventional studio residency. Through conceptual battles, material lusts, and a consistent oscillation between stability and flux, Modi • Operandi highlights the artists’ ability to navigate across chemical, psychological, and ritualistic practices as we re-examine the complexity of the recipe.

Curated by Alexandria Eregbu

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