Dec 14th 2014

Jennifer Bolande: Measured Against What

@ The Green Gallery - Oak Park

125 N. Harvey Ave., Oak Park, IL

Opening Sunday, December 14th, from 2PM - 4PM

On view through Wednesday, December 31st

This show of new work is comprised of two sculptures, six photographs and artists books. Columns recur as they relate to architecture and news, interior structures, skeletons, conceptions of history and time.

The printed newspaper is becoming a relic of a time when paper was effectively used as a vessel of information. Information is now transferred at the physical limits of speed and in such great quantity that paper has lost its place as a container for what is “new”. Outdated newspapers are excessively dead. The actual weight is amplified by the psychological deadweight of the newly outdated, and therefore useless information they contain. Jennifer Bolande’s sculpture Excavation (2014) compresses the tension of the idea of the newspaper as new but already inherently old and in a sense past due to the limits of its physicality. Excavation methodically constructs the myth of the newspaper as an object and an idea inhabited by a rich cultural and idealogical history into a sort of headstone. Hidden inside Bolande’s excavation we find an old image of death. Not “a” death in particular, but simply the remains of a life – analogous to the newspaper itself.Excavation acts as a structure which snares these ideas of old/new, present/past, and memory/death. A similar play can be found in Light Beam (2014). As the surface of the plywood radiates light our experience of the dichotomy between translucent and opaque becomes entangled. These sculptures Bolande constructs are traps; language gets snared and entangled within. Continually the images and objects of Bolande’s work build and breakdown the ideas they play with and measure.

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