Dec 12th 2014

Emilie Zenor

@ Pachelor Bad

2044 W. 19th St., Chicago IL

Opening Friday, December 12th, from 6PM - 10PM

Emilie is a Chicago based artist who has been drawing from the time she was in a high chair. She is heavily influenced by artists such as Keane, Mark Ryden, and Junko Mizuno. Her drawing style is syrupy sweet and hyper-feminine.

As viewers, we get to see into the world of her buxom “girl gang” of wide eyed, pastel clad women having intimate moments in their bedrooms. These girls are seen smoking, taking selfies, sexting, and doing other promiscuous and “unlady-like” things. Through the juxtaposition of Kawaii girls doing things that society deems inappropriate behavior for women, she asks the us to question why we put these restrictions on women.

Emilie portrays the girl gang as women who belong to themselves, who make choices that make them happy rather than adhering to society’s feminine ideal. By showing women breaking out of the box in a positive light, her goal is to encourage and empower other women to live their lives and express themselves on their own terms.

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