Nov 21st 2014

Suddenly Plastic

@ Chicago Artists Coalition

217 N. Carpenter St.

Opening Friday, November 21st, at 6PM

On view through Thursday, December 18th

As the body enters deep sleep the brain may momentarily produce the sensation of falling. The peculiar feeling of shock or falling, the hypnic jerk, is an involuntary jump–an accidental state caught between neural passivity and instantaneous trauma. The boundaries of the hypnic jerk are a space, if only momentarily, where action takes form, it rises and deflates, and in its annihilation projects an other form.

“Suddenly Plastic” examines the potential behind a method used by artists in their production. In their process, the artist annihilates and gives form. Through a negative orientation of plasticity, artists present us with forms that deny their previous state and yet exist and ascend towards new formations. In the creative surge, artists expose trauma, accidents, and dislocations, as potential shifts in their own epistemology.

Curated by JGV/WAR (J. Gibran Villalobos and Wil Ruggiero).

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