Nov 16th 2014

Lindsey Hook & Altoon Sultan: Surface Tension

@ Riverside Arts Center Freeark Gallery

32 E. Quincy St. Riverside, IL 60546

Opening Sunday, November 16th, from 3PM - 6PM

On view through Saturday, January 10th

The Riverside Arts Center Freeark Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Surface Tension, with paintings and fiber pieces by Lindsey Hook and Altoon Sultan. Both artists move fluently between these disciplines, creating meticulously crafted work that walks the refined line between depiction and abstraction.

Although separated geographically and generationally Hook and Sultan share many common threads. Both work from home, observing and responding to their surroundings. Each builds through repetitive mark making–the layering, stitching, looping and twisting of drawing materials, paint, or fibers to create slowly seen, contemplative, compressed spaces. These push against precise surfaces–from the eggshell matte of Sultan’s tempera, to Hook’s soft knitting or the visual velvet of her repetitively layered ink writing, to the tight rough knobby-ness of Sultan’s small hooked constructions. They are all tensile experiences–shallow worlds that are pressurized and reflective. This work is intimate and playfully subtle. It deserves slow viewing. Take your time.

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