Nov 9th 2014

Hybrid Theory is an hour-long screening program of recent online video by Jennifer Chan and Theodore Darst.

Jennifer Chan and Theodore Darst employ a variety of practices to respond to the incessant flows of information on the Internet. Hybrid Theory, a program of their recent videos, draws its title from of the eponymous debut of the y2k era nu-metal group Linkin Park. Emphasizing a dynamic clash of genres and ideas as an approach to videomaking, Chan and Darst’s videos exist with one foot in experimental film and the other in post-internet practice.

Chan’s videos explore niche online interests such as bodybuilding, object fetishism and fanatic cover songs to comment on how people negotiate sex, love and gender on the internet.

Darst’s videos use the vernaculars of 3D imaging, video feedback, and popular editing software to question experimental film history. Combining generated graphics, ripped YouTube videos, outmoded video aesthetics, amateur transitions, electronic music, repurposed 3D models, and iPhone footage, Chan and Darst recombine existing media with personal overtones.

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