Sep 5th 2014

Luis Gonzάlez Palma: Möbius

@ Schneider Gallery

230 West Superior

Opening Friday, September 5th, from 5PM - 7:30PM

On view through Thursday, October 30th

Schneider Gallery is very pleased to present Luis Gonzάlez Palma: Möbius, a solo exhibition of his most recent work about the psychology of human emotions through the unification of two Latin American artistic languages that oppose each other.

One of the languages comes from the thirties that dealt with the stereotypical view linked to social conflicts and natural areas connected with magical realism. The other, is from the forties and fifties that aimed to erase subjectivity and eliminate any gesture of emotion or narrative through figuration. The portraits in this exhibition are photographs with hand painted geometric elements that allow for new possibilities of meanings and visual associations.

AND in our Project Sapce Exhibition: Carly Ries

In Nervous Splendor, Ries creates connections between plant life and constructed spaces. The scenery of the plants become the spaces for fragmented bodies to inhibit. Simultaneously they become green bodies of their own. This combination pulls at the unconscious and questions the clarity of seeing. “I seek new ways to attune myself toward the body and toward green life, toward the way we dwell and move in space, and toward our relationship to others in our lives.”

Carly Ries lives and works in Chicago, IL. She graduated from Hampshire College in 2009 and is currently attending School of the Art Institute of Chicago for her MFA in photography.

More of her work can be viewed at

Official Website

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