Sep 5th 2014

Burn It Down

@ Heaven Gallery

1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. 2 Floor

Opening Friday, September 5th, from 7PM - 11PM

On view through Sunday, October 12th

Burn it down

Work By:
Academy Records
Benjamin Bellas
Judith Brotman
CC Ann Chen
Laura Davis
Meg Duguid
Jason Dunda
Andreas Fischer
Charles Fogarty
Jeffrey Grauel
John Henley
Andrew Holmquist
Carol Jackson
Kevin Jennings
Larry Lee
Jinn Bronwen Lee
Steve Reber
Daniel Schmid
Mindy Rose Schwartz

Curated by:
Paul Hopkin

Chicago redesigned itself after the Great Fire. That was just the first rebirth of its cultural scene. More recently, there was the grand fire that devastated the River North gallery district in 1989 that gave rise to dirtier, scrappier, more independent artist venues. Other fires, other afters. After always tries to be better.

Sometimes we get impatient. We want better sooner. We want to redo the f****d up parts so the sewage doesn’t back up into our bathrooms. To fix that deeply, we have to clear away.

The fires of our history were terrible accidents that devastated who and what was there. It’s an entirely different beast that sets the blaze in defiance. Does the end justify the means? We hardly think so. No guarantee that our end will approximate our better intention, just as likely paving the undesired path.

This is an attempt to smash romance for progress in impatience for the revolution. Destruction in the name of the greater good that may never be. Burning Heaven along with the rest of the world is the best of all possibilities.

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