Sep 27th 2014


@ Kitchen Space

2716 N. Monticello Ave. 1F, Chicago, Il 60647

Opening Saturday, September 27th, from 11AM - 11PM

On view through Sunday, September 28th

Kitchen Space is pleased to announce 11:11, a two day screening event featuring video work from artists and film makers throughout the world. We will be utilizing every room of the apartment, including night time backyard viewings starting at 8:00pm! We will be screening work from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm both Saturday and Sunday with a midday break for conversations and critiques. So feel free to come with ideas or work in progress to talk about with a large group of artists! We will also be hosting a cocktail hour before the screening moves to the backyard for the evening. Throughout the space, we’ll also have work up from many talented painters, sculptors, and photographers.

Snuggle up next to pillows handmade by Meg Guttman and enjoy popcorn from bowls made by artists Cynthia Schuch & Steve Juras!

Performance work by Erik Salgado and Richard Medina.

Thanks to Letherbee Distillery and Jo Snow Syrups for the donations!

We are proud to share this exceptional work with you all and hope to see you all there!

Featured Artists~

Hiba Ali *
Carol Ann Ardolino *
Lea Atiq
Lucas Ballester *
Vanessa Capshaw
Russell Chartier *
Nicole Cherry
Diana Coutu
Daz Disley *
Jazmin Jazmín Dua
Meg Duguid *
Jason Dunda *
Ashleigh Dye *
Sol Erez *
Stephanie Grahm *
James T. Green *
Sam Haid *
Alyce Haliday *
Stephanie Hough *
Steve Juras
Misha Khokhlov *
Austin Ross Knierim
Marlo Koch *
Fenia Kotsopoulou *
Matt Kuhlman
George Larson
Larry Lee *
Francesca Lolli *
Steve Maher *
English Marie
Ian Thomas Miller
Carisa Mitchell
Kirsa Molina
John Moreno *
Jeremy Newman *
Megan Taylor Noe *
Hanna M. Owens *
Elise Paluszak
Katrina Petrauskas *
Natalie Phillips *
Klaus Pinter
Ruth Poor
Greg Stephen Reigh *
Pat Reynolds *
Caitlin Ryan *
Erik Jae Salgado *
Katie Short
Emerson D’Artagnan Sigman *
Dave Swensen *
Art Tam *
Kelsey Wagner
Simon Welch *
Matthew Wrobel *

* indicates artists who have video work

Feel free to BYOB in moderation!

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