Aug 2nd 2014

Hosted by Lion VS Gorilla* in partnership with Hairpin Arts Center.

Charlie Megna obsessively recreates visions and happenings in the studio that he’s conjured in his meditations. Subtle Plains focuses on a tribe he’s created called Renni. Their ceremonies reflect and combine aspects of ancient and modern civilization, the latter of which Megna has intentionally marginalized himself from. Ritual and repetition are very important to his practice, and he embraces the mind-melting use of tiny paint brushes and minuscule pieces of Sculpey.

Heavily influenced by both Eastern philosophy and Western skate culture, Megna’s subjects are a reflection of his insubordinate manner and laid-back yet impressively prolific lifestyle. His colorful gouache and gold-leaf paintings combine heavily loaded, symbolic motifs with banal gestures to create a sense that something very important is going on, but a clear reading isn’t the goal. For this exhibition, Megna has taken his vision a step further, creating a life-size, immersive village, reflecting his playful demeanor and his fascination with outsider aesthetics and sensibilities.

Subtle Planes will be presented Saturday August 2nd at Hairpin Arts Center (2808 N Milwaukee Ave, 1st Floor Storefront) from 8:00 to 11:00 pm.

There will be a donation bar with part of the proceeds going towardsPeanut Gallery relocation endeavors.

*Lion VS Gorilla (LVG) is a chicago-based curatorial collaboration with a mission of encouraging collaboration, fostering community, and challenging barriers between viewers and artists. We believe that art should be rowdy, that people should fight for it, and that viewing should never be passive.

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