Jun 8th 2014



4223 W. Lake

Opening Sunday, June 8th, from 3Pm - 6Pm

On view through Sunday, July 6th

ADDS DONNA is pleased to present BAUDY, a group exhibition featuring the work of Claire Arctander, Jeremy Biles, Ben Fain, Yasi Ghanbari, Kelly Lloyd, Steve Reinke and Alice Tippit.

“Seven artists walk into a gallery…”

None of the artists included in this exhibition are comedians. Comedy is not necessarily their aim, yet all the works presented here employ something like humor in order to communicate complex or taboo subjects. BAUDY (pronounced bawdy or body) explores the nature of such abject comedy in artmaking.

Within the art context “timing” is as crucial as it is in comedy proper. Timing here becomes less about the delivery of a joke and more about the moment of its recognition – a distinction that shifts power to the audience. In this sense the comedic moment evokes Brechtian theater in that it has the potential to activate its viewers.

To enact comedy is not only to be self-aware, but also to fully understand the cultural, social or political context. One must be able to see outside of both the situation and the self to make an observation that is humorous, unexpected or transgressive. The works selected for BAUDY deploy the comedic voice in intoxicating, seductive, witty and vile ways in order to offer the audience a platform for critique, self-awareness, empowerment and debasement.

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