May 18th 2014

Paige Fetchen: Silent Partners

@ Kitchen Space

2716 N. Monticello Ave. 1F, Chicago, Il 60647

Opening Sunday, May 18th, from 1PM - 4PM

On view through Sunday, June 1st

Kitchen Space continues its programming with Silent Partners, a solo exhibition featuring new work from sculptor Paige Fetchen, the exhibition continues through June 1.

For Paige Fetchen, connectivity and codependence are the qualities she seeks in making. There is a relationship she forges between the work and the viewer. The work challenges the viewer. The viewer considers the work. The work reveals itself. The viewer is pleased. Immensely.
Fetchen is precise in her material usage, relentless in her pursuits and just tack sharp. She taps in to an awareness of a material and utilizes said material to its fullest potential. She has a knack for fabricating objects that one needn’t fabricate. In this process, her connection to the material being used and the object being made grows and is nurtured, and then so is ours. We reconsider the things she makes, not because she puts a plaster door stop in an art context, but because she made a plaster door stop.
She’s interested in codependence. In this act of artifice, fabricated and real, Fetchen creates physical relationships of objects upon one another. They contain each other, they prop each other up and they beg for our consideration. These real life objects she remakes are imbued with personal narrative and significance; but, they retain symbiosis with their cultural implications. To parse out the personal—Fetchen places the individual fabricated objects in situations that force connectivity.
It is in every sense a balancing act. Quite literally the sculptural work depends on physical balance, but more important is what that physical balance indicts. In that theoretical space, Fetchen puts a lot of responsibility on the physical nature of what she makes, and makes the physical point toward a much larger evening of scales. For in those moments, she’s distilled the uncertainties that have burdened her.

Paige Fetchen received her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA with a concentration in Fiber and Crafts in 2012. In 2012 she moved to Chicago, IL to accept the Textile Artist in residence position at Lillstreet Art Center. She was recently accepted to the Apprenticeship Program at the Fabric Workshop and Musuem in Philadelphia where she will be this summer. Paige has been included in exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery and Lillstreet among others. She lives and works in Chicago, IL.

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