Apr 20th 2014

Get primped and pampered at Queen Spa!!! A DIY spa benefit for the new art and music center by member’s of Mortville and the Beauty Shop.

We’re trying to start a non-live community center with access to studios, practice space, and performace space for $50 or less a month. more info here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/chicago-arts-and-music-center/x/6698101

facials by Sarah Marie
haircuts and massage by Kelly Carr
manicures by Sara Heymann,
tattoos by Minoo Kuru
detoxifying juices and teas by Heather Lynn
hair dos by Kelley George
meditative visuals by Alyssa Herlocher
spa decorations by Molly Hewitt, Heather Lynn, and Manal

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