Feb 7th 2014

This seminar promotes corruption as a strategy and examines its official veneers and unofficial rules. Corruption is the gravitational pull that keeps markets, like all atmospheres, bound to the center of the earth. Through a set of readings ranging from Thomas Mann to Hito Steyerl, discussion topics include incitement, treason, corrosion, scandal, desertion, invasion, cronies, conspirators, impostors, double agents, skimmers, bureaucrats, lobbyists, kamikaze, kidnapers, killer cadres, profiteers, moguls, oligarchs and thugs. With Jack Henrie Fisher, Brian Holmes, Ika Knezevic, Dieter Roelstraete, other invested practitioners and graduate students.

Open to all who are prepared.

Readings are available by e-mailed link.
Write to readings@allyouknowistrue.net.

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