Jan 17th 2014

Edie Fake: Pictures and Places

@ Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave, Chicago IL

Opening Friday, January 17th, from 7PM - 9PM

Edie Fake will present a new short stoner/experimental lecture on psychic/psychological buildings- the potential of creating psychic space that replicates physical space….something that tries to link ideas about memory palaces to the psychological function of a house’s rooms in Jungian psychoanalysis to Jane Jacobs’ ideas about mixed uses for urban planning and perhaps also to Hunnertwasser, Emma Kunz’s artwork and underground fungus networks.

Jillian Soto with Joseph Hutto will present a new work titled 3X5.

3X5 is a dance developed by Soto and Hutto based upon two performance scores each containing fifteen small studio portraits from the Chicago-based Kris Studios archive which was one of the earliest and most durable of the male physique houses founded in 1950 by Chuck Renslow. Approaching the source material with fondness and respect, Soto and Hutto re-interpret and translate the imagery onto their individually charged bodies.

Nic Kay will present a work titled In – between (Solidarity & Silence).

“The AIDS activist group, ACT UP, utilized the tactic of confrontational direct actions in protesting the governments and societies criminally apathetic and blatantly homophobic responses or lack of response to the AIDS crisis.

Through employing archival sound from ACTUP Chicago protests and using found text from the Women’s Caucus, I aim to create a performance based on the tactic of confrontational direct action to cut the silence around women’s roles in the aids activist movement and the sexism they endured in support of the movement.”

Tickets are $5/8
Festival Pass is $30

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