Dec 20th 2013

The Light Consumers

@ Believe Inn

2043 N Winchester Ave, Chicago, IL. 60614

Opening Friday, December 20th, from 6PM - 11PM

On view through Friday, February 28th

In Believe Inn’s project space, Brian Steckel & Chris Silva have teamed up to create an abstract composition of partially painted reclaimed wood, washed over with digitally sequenced light projections, which are meticulously synchronized to This Mother Falcon’s “weirdly soothing” sound composition, “Live From The Omega Institute”. The effect is a cross between watching a 3-dimensional music video and being in a strange and intimate cathedral space having a psychedelic/transcendental experience – and as those experiences are so often extremely personal, this is something which is much better to put yourself in front of rather than to read about. So please, connect to your most magnanimous of intentions and join us in warming ourselves around this strange art thing.

Brian Steckel

Chris Silva

This Mother Falcon

The remainder of the gallery space will be dedicated to the beautiful and intense artwork of our good friend, Mr. John Kowalczyk.

Born in Chicago, IL in 1988, John Kowalczyk currently lives and works in Milwaukee as an artist, curator, and educator. Before moving to Wisconsin Kowalczyk was the winter artist-in-residence at the Around the Coyote Gallery in Chicago. After receiving his BFA in painting from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2010, John began his residency with RedLine Milwaukee, where he holds a studio and volunteers in the community. His work is comprised of mixed media paintings and installations that incorporate vintage fabrics, thrift store treasures, glitter, and gold. Kowalczyk’s work has been exhibited at the Sienna Art Institute in Italy, The Charles Allis Art Museum, The Harley Davidson Museum, The Cedarburg Cultural Center, and The Racine Art Center along with other galleries across the U.S.

Artist Statement:

Shrine-like, shiny, symmetrical, and seductive figurations constructed of bits and pieces from vintage fabrics, gift wrap, shelf liner, string, ribbon, repurposed drawings, and any other form of paint I can find. Complexly completed compositions become maps of my mind combining myth, math and magic . A transcendental quality initiates a chemical reaction with the materials, like when bread and wine become body and blood.

John Kowalczyk

Official Website

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