Nov 9th 2013

Erin Washington: Don’t Breathe Too Much

@ Kirk's Apartment

2251 W Cornelia, Apt 2, Chicago IL

Opening Saturday, November 9th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, December 1st

Hello Kirk’s Apartment friends, followers, enthusiasts, and people who may have gotten this email by accident or otherwise didn’t know they were on this mailing list.
I’m here to announce that this coming Saturday, November 9th, we will be holding an opening reception for a very exciting exhibition by Chicago’s own Erin Washington.
I’m also here to announce that Erin Washington’s show will be the penultimate exhibition for Kirk’s Apartment, and it’ll no doubt be one of the best.
Our final exhibition will take place in December (more info on that as it approaches) and these last two are a doozy. In the best way of course.

So, without further ado, I present to you our Press Release and an excerpt from a limited edition publication to be included in the show:

“A suggestion or a warning?
Or an implication that one has limited breaths in their lifetime: a speedometer of inhales and exhales rolling over towards expiration.
One could hold their breath in hopes of extending a moment, adding seconds to the sentence.

I learned the meaning of the sublime from watching 2001: A Space Odyssey.
During a spacewalk, an astronaut loses his tether and is set adrift, writhing, desperate for oxygen.
An astonishing way to die: contorting, nakedly confronting that deep void as no-one has.
Don’t breathe too much: take in the phenomenological uniqueness of this moment, it is yours and no one else’s.”
-Press Release by Erin Washington

“Knowing your background, walking down the causeway towards a degree in medicine, only to pull the wrong book from the library and have the trapdoor of art open beneath your feet, would you say that making artwork offered you more than medicine ever could?
The field of medicine appears to offer you the unclouded and “true” view of life, its workings and the hope of extending life as long as possible. But you must look the hell-hound in the mouth, and the cost of this knowledge is to know death and life in plain ways that possible corrupt their beauty, and perhaps the very reason one would want to extend life. Art, on the other hand, is the immediate enjoyment of the moment. Your art isn’t concerned with the amount of air in the room, but it’s smell, taste, color and temperature…
…I like that care you have, I like that sad hope that I see in your actions and how it comes out in the work. It’s refreshing to see someone who will embrace the darkness without giving into it. Your skillful hand is in the mouth of the beast, and though it hurts, you put it there and you know what you’re doing.”
-Excerpt from supplemental publication, Nicholas Cueva

Thank you all, we’re very excited to see you on opening night.
Until then,
Kirk Faber

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