Oct 12th 2013

Pushing Up Daisies

@ Greenhaus

3316 N Halsted, Chicago IL

Opening Saturday, October 12th, from 7PM - 12PM

“You’ll be pushing up daisies when you’re six feet under” a cliché phrase or euphemism is used to talk lightly about the morbid subject of death. As the leaves of summer slowly turn to an autumn amber we are all reminded that nothing is everlasting and eventually we will all be “pushing up daisies” in some way or another, but does death always need to be looked at with such disdain? Or does this phrase suggest something new is inevitable as well? We must remind ourselves that death occurs in efforts to fertilize new forms of life.

“Pushing Up Daisies” is a group exhibition curated by Clay Kerr and Jason Abrams which asks current SAIC students and other Chicago affiliated artists to contemplate and explore clichés and connotations (new and old) associated with the classic themes of life, death, and the possibilities of rebirth. Contemplation on mortality is an age old theme presented in art, however, the variable of young minds and new artists create potential to fertilize new concepts and perspectives on a tired subject. Come celebrate life, death, and art with us on October 12th, giving new life to a dead trope.

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