Oct 12th 2013

Isolated Incidents

@ Chapel Projects at The Charnel House

3421 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Saturday, October 12th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Sunday, October 27th

ISOLATED INCIDENTS features the work of the 2013 Lillstreet Art Center Artists in Residence. This group show pairs the artists into sets of creative foils, each partnership highlighting the differences in each other’s work. Ceramic artists Eric Zohn and Joanna Pike utilize their mediums by expressing divergent inclinations. Eric Zohn takes a traditional approach to create objects- evidence of a domestic adventure; while Joanna Pike brings giant landscapes into existence in her diminutive ceramic pieces created from fragments of studio refuse. Garrett Baumer’s glossy, masculine photographs appear to be scenes from commercial sets or futuristic airports with the actor or product missing. They never reveal that they are, in fact, documenting the tiny sets that Baumer constructs himself. In contrast, Gwendolyn Zabicki’s paintings faithfully depict the everyday, ubiquitous memories lost and found. Her work transforms the leap of life into a walk, showing us the sublime in the pedestrian. Paige Fetchen’s sculptural objects and installations are puzzle piece manifestations of an occurrence, while Heejin Hwang’s organically influenced jewelry and small sculptures become the relics and talismans shed.

We’ve also added two additional artists to the show; Maria Vergara explores notions of decadence and excess through the public fascination with pop culture. Her paintings are enlivened by luxurious interiors, portraits of royalty and opulence. They are at once highly seductive yet sharply critical of greed and materialism. And last but certainly not least, Karen Azarnia’s paintings focus on time, relationships between people, and the emphemeral. Pulling from memory and personal snapshots, Azarnia embraces art historical precedent and the dialogue between abtraction and representation.

Show runs through Oct 27th, 2013
Viewing hours Fridays and Saturdays noon-4pm or by appointment

Opening coincides with an opening at Beauty and Brawn Gallery and Thinkspace, and preludes THE CHARNEL HOUSE’S regularly scheduled play of “THEY SAVED HITLER’S BRAIN AND PUT IT IN WALT DISNEY,” AT 9PM. Come for the free booze, food and great art, stay for the psycho-poli-tropic FARCE! A great night in Logan Square!

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