Oct 18th 2013

Diane Christiansen: Cup Freaketh Over

@ Kasia Kay Art Projects

215 N. Aberdeen St., Chicago, IL

Opening Friday, October 18th, from 6PM - 8PM

On view through Saturday, November 16th

Kasia Kay Art Projects gallery is please to present Diane Christiansen in her newest exhibition, Cup Freaketh Over. This is her third solo show with the gallery.

In her new series of works, Christiansen presents works of oil on plaster as well as ink on paper. Each image has a visually rich and spontaneous feel, with subtle imperfections that create an entrancing depth. Combining both risk and finesse, Christiansen present pieces of intricate complexity.

The paintings on plaster exist as sites of filling and erasure. Empty and full. Overfull. Her actions of working on them (painting, drawing, sanding, and opening) runs parallel with their “thematic guts.” As Christiansen states, “I’m stirring three pots at all times: drawing, painting, and animation, which is hilarious given that overwhelm informs the content. And, there is some utterly readable imagery in there. That’s right; that’s a big welt of color reaching down to grab a nut.” According to her, the multiple practices each feed each other in a sort of celebration of bombardment, married to a search for visual and emotional space.

Annie Morse describes Christiansen’s work in an essay entitled, The Rat Who Retired From the World: “Erasure can betray regret, revision or refusal. In Christiansen’s hands, these amendments work ceaselessly toward the achievement of imperfection, in the service of which hazard, chance, and error play a part. Hectic, comic, human in their sloppy and affectionate appeal, these works also suggest the wounds that attachment entails.”

Christiansen’s work in the upcoming exhibition correlates with October Chicago Artist Month, the city’s annual campaign to support local artists that exemplify creative growth.

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