Oct 5th 2013

A multi-media environment housed in the hundred-year-old Comfort Station, A Stranger in Your Arms brings together artists exploring the obscure, the unnameable, and the uncanny. Through the use of shadows, fog, mist, and smoke, atmospheric screenprints by Brad Rohloff and smoke paintings by Kate McQuillen set the tone of the space, punctuated with taxidermy by Woolly Mammoth. Visitors are drawn through the main gallery toward a sound/video installation entitled And Then It All Came Down, a new video piece by Wrekmeister Harmonies. To view And Then It All Came Down, visitors are invited to remove their shoes and lie and lounge on the floor of the felt-lined project room, focusing their gaze on the video projected on the ceiling of the space.

Out of the blue, beyond any cause you can trace, you’ll suddenly realize things are not how you perceived them to be at all. For some reason, you will no longer be the person you believed you once were. You’ll detect slow and subtle shifts going on all around you, more importantly shifts in you. Worse, you’ll realize it’s always been shifting, like a shimmer of sorts, a vast shimmer, only dark like a room. But you won’t understand why or how. You’ll have forgotten what granted you this awareness in the first place.
― Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves

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