Sep 28th 2013

Dinner Dance, work by artists Victoria Bradford & Sabri Reed
for Trailer Park Proyects at Chicago Artist Month

Dinner Dance is a series of actions, labors, and engagements where we gather to share in a choreographed meal. The dance is a conversation that happens across tables, through movement, and on each “stage”—from kitchen to front door. With headphones set on the household china, a dinner table set on a floor made for dancing, a package of creative prompts set on the seat of each guest, tools set out for each role, ingredients measured for the meal, and dishes to be served now stacked, the guests arrive and the dance begins. At this convivial table, the dinner company is the dance company, and all are able and asked to work. Life is a dance, and we all need a little company. Curated by Caitlin Ryan and Meredith Weber for Trailer Park Proyects.

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