Jul 12th 2013

Natural Fallacy

@ Chicago Artists Coalition

217 N. Carpenter Street

Opening Friday, July 12th, at 6PM

On view through Thursday, August 1st

The works in Natural Fallacy delve into the tensions of power and dominance between humans and their natural surroundings. The title of this exhibition is derived from naturalistic fallacy, which is part of a more widely referenced family of logical gaffes such as the red herring, ad hominem and false cause.

One version of the naturalistic fallacy has to do with the erroneous attribution that simply because something is natural or close to nature, it is true. Objects or conditions that possess natural causes or effects are presumed to have more truth, and those which are human-made are seemingly artificial.

The collection of works in this exhibition question this logic through a variety of media – from the vaguely violent forms of Noelle Allen’s sculptural installation, to the collaged camouflage in Jordan Martins’ images, new video work from Theodore Darst, and the swarm of drones in Nicholas Sagan’s installation. Additionally, Matthew Schlagbaum presents a view into a mini-world that could be described as entirely artificially natural. In a similar manner, Brent Fogt’s collaged rain drawings are a hypnotic study of man’s hand at manipulating nature.

In literature and storytelling, there are three paradigms for conflict: human vs. human, human vs. self, and human vs. nature. Each artist addresses the struggle of the latter in their work and taken together, the show serves as a framework for the conflict between human and nature.

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