Jun 28th 2013

Nathan Thomas & Alejandro Jimenez: Workload

@ Plaines Project

1822 S Desplaines St, Chicago, IL

Opening Friday, June 28th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Friday, July 19th

Plaines Projects is pleased to present, Workload an exhibiton of collaborative works by Nathan Thomas & Alejandro Jimenez.

Workload strives to conjure a dialogue between capitalized labor systems and the autonomy of art.

In this exihibition these autochthonous works are comprised of quick figurative gestures denoting penises and a hand with the middle finger raised. The choosing of these two specific gestures are based in their dual symbolism and self-reflexive property; both of which are temporally and geographically contingent to our work environment.

Oscillating between criticality and comedic value these objects foster within a competitive relationship of playfulness and ingenuity, and from the dynamics and dialectics of capitalism – the constant exchange relation between exploitation and some measure of leisure – informing all our lives.

Through materiality and hyper accumulation we show disruptions in traditional workflow patterns and temporal situations conducive to artistic expression. Their connotations on our work environment…”Yeah.” and “Fuck you!”

Alejandro Jimenez (b.1988) strives to capture a thingyness in the objects made in the process; painting as an irreverent happy act, toying with material boundaries and using language to assess the limits of semiotics.


Nathan Thomas (b.1983) concerns himself with the persistent and ephemeral structural elements existing in objects and semiotics.


Nathan & Alejandro also have a curatorial project called DOS PERROS PROJECTS which strives to show artists interested in humor, attitude, voidness, the absurd and poetics.


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