Jun 14th 2013

Modern Storytellers

@ Ugly Step Sister Art Gallery

1750 S. Union Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616

Opening Friday, June 14th, from 6PM - 11PM

On view through Sunday, July 7th

Curated by Andrew Ek

Painting, illustration, multimedia and assemblage is the focus of, ”Modern Storytellers.” 12 artists working in different mediums and at various stages of their careers come together in this group show of affordable small works.

Prehistoric Man’s use of speech to converse and transmit ideas, though useful, abounds with imperfections, and eventually evolved into disseminating thoughts and concepts through the use of symbols. These symbols then took the form of full-blown paintings and rock carvings. Visual art is one of the oldest and most effective forms of storytelling as it has the power to speak beyond language. Cave paintings dating back to the Upper Paleolithic period (roughly 50,000 -10,000BC) contain some of the oldest recorded information revealing fascinating stories and mythologies which continue to this day to shape the collective unconscious. In our modern culture, the emergent technology our society seems to be dependent on is merely a cheap distraction; our species as a whole still inherently craves stories through visual art. Employing traditional, idiosyncratic and visionary disciplines, these are the Modern Storytellers:

Andrew Ek
Marnie Galloway
Tyrell Cannon
Sofia Moreno
Amanda Joy Calobrisi
Doug Kovacs
Tim Shumate
Darick Maasen
Rachel Hewitt
Wayne Bertola
Stina Kaczmaryn
Ashley Elander

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