Jun 29th 2013

As one perceives the world around them, they do so through the filter of their experiences. The work of these artists conveys their perceptions while challenging the experiences of the viewer. In this show escaping daydreams, frustrated emotions and inanimate objects create impersonations of reality.

Curated by Steven Lockwood.

Jennifer Cronin- “My most recent work is about personal fantasy and escape amidst everyday experience. It is a reimagining of everyday life, based on often small, seemingly insignificant frustrations. A playful rumination on the little things, the subtleties, which can fill our lives for better or worse. Growths of the seeds of worry, fear, amusement, and minor upsets. Fruitless daydreams. It is about what a mind does with what it is given.”

Keelan McMorrow-“As a self-taught artist and diehard autodidact, my work is informed by existentialism and the goal of a universal aesthetic. These days art is frequently subjected to collective muddle, more often than not. As an affluent society revels in newfound freedoms from nature, we’re bombarded by detail, images and information, and many of us have become jaded to what was once so very fascinating (indeed, it was the closest thing to truth). I’ve long rejected modern humanity’s transcendence of aesthetic; in fact, we’re immersed in manufactured beauty more now than ever, and for a reason. The notion that “It’s all been done before, let’s act like silly boffins” sells potential short – it’s the pampered artist’s copout. As such, I’ve embraced traditional painting – its depth, patient focus, and contrived allegories – and set standards on my craft, my development, and the finer qualities of what becomes my art.”

Tim Kowalczyk- “I explore the poetic possibilities of fabricated objects. The objects are familiar, antiquated, and overlooked. I find that these disregarded objects hold the most poetic potential. Using ceramic trompe-l’oeil techniques, I create assemblages that appear to be comprised of real objects. The use of ceramic materials and processes allows me to manipulate and combine objects in ways that real objects cannot be manipulated or combined. These assembled visual poems create a sense of banality, tension, or physical defiance.”

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