Jun 29th 2013


@ Floor Length and Tux

4125 W. Melrose St., Chicago IL 60641

Opening Saturday, June 29th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, June 29th

FLAT 14 will feature work from Aaron Delehanty, Max Garett and Hui-min Tsen, alongside resident FLAT artists Catie Olson and EC Brown.

AARON DELEHANTY will present paintings of animals poised at great heights (high-tension lines, girders), with unclear relationships to the sprawling metropolis below them.

Aaron is a painter whose work focuses on urban settlement and its interaction with nature, often pitting animal species against built environments. He is the co-founder of the Co-Prosperity School. http://www.aarondelehanty.com/

MAX GARETT will create a large-scale human isotype for outdoor viewing.

Max is a sculptor who culls a variety of archeological and anthropological influences, built in varying degrees of humanoid form with deceptive uses of materials, that seek relational tensions with the viewer. http://maxgarett.com/

HUI-MIN TSEN will present photography and a narrated video-tour, telling an episodic story that interweaves the story of the subdivisions with associated facts about Paul Bunyon, Hiroshima, Civil War prisoner camps, the portage, the Homestead Act, and nefarious real estate developers.

Hui-min uses photography, storytelling and event-design to examine the act of exploration and the nuances of our relationships with places, wonder and the unknown. http://www.huimintsen.com/

CATIE OLSON will present kinetic sculpture, taking inspiration from Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee.”

Catie is an artist and filmmaker who pushes whimsical notions to extremes through interactive contraptions, kinetics and projection. She organizes the Spiderbug short-film series (http://www.spiderbug.org). She is ½ of Floor Length and Tux. http://catieolson.com

EC BROWN will combine a purge of artist multiples and dubbed music with depictions of Ice Age women who inhabit a spectrum between PKK militiawomen and the Syrian Lionesses, as well as hybrids of pterodactyls and architectural schemes.

EC is a painter who pursues fantasies of niche social orders and revised histories, and also thwarts the hermetic character of the paintings through form and circumstance. He is an exhibition organizer who co-directed the COMA exhibition space from 2006-2008 (http://www.occidentalmuseum.org), and organizes the ASCII exhibition series (http://www.archeospiritist.com). He is ½ of Floor Length and Tux. http://www.ecbrown.org

Catie Olson and EC Brown have conducted Floor Length and Tux exhibitions from their home since February 2009. These single-evening, uthemed events are the culmination of periods of involvement with small selections of artists, and new works are created under mutual gravitational influence.

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