Mar 23rd 2013

lionvsgorilla (LVG) is a chicago-based curatorial collaboration with a mission of encouraging collaboration, fostering community, and challenging barriers between viewers and artists. we believe that art should be rowdy, that people should fight for it, and that viewing should never be passive.

LVG is proud to present our next show, appetite for destruction, featuring work involving ships and champagne, balls, uranium cake, paintballs and slingshots, a special performance (with dance party) by pastel fractal, wool, ramen noodles, obsessively constructed chairs, sugar and coffee, welcome mats, and more. all of the work featured in this show was lovingly created to be destroyed. join us for an evening of mayhem, destruction, and craft beer at 8pm on saturday, 3/23/13, at the fulton street collective (2000 w. fulton, chicago).

sponsored by koval distillery and finch’s beer company.

welcome to the jungle
we got fun ‘n’ games
we got evrything you want
honey we know the names
{featured artists}

Jon Bollo
Juneer Kibria
George Larson
Mr. Mastodon
Kate McQuillen
Charlie Megna
Rob Millard-Menendez
Bob Nuestro
Klaus Pinter
Pastel Fractal (Alexander DeGraaf with Tucker Hagge & Selden Paterson)
Blake Russell
Luis Sahagun
Darcy Terrell
Allen Vandever

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