Mar 23rd 2013

Atalanta & The Lion

@ HAUSER Gallery

230 W Superior, Chicago, IL 60654

Opening Saturday, March 23rd, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Thursday, May 2nd

HAUSER Gallery is thrilled to present Atalanta & The Lion, featuring work by Meryl Bennett, Anita Brathwaite, Gracie Hagen, Julia Haw, Beth Kamhi, Brittany Southworth LaFlamme, and Anna + Meredith of the Happy Collaborationists.

The story goes like this – at birth, Atalanta was cast into the mountainous wilderness because her father wanted a male son. There, she was suckled by a bear, raised by wild animals, and hunters, and came to be one of the strongest, fastest, most beautiful and happiest mortals in the land. She took an oath of virginity to the goddess Artemis, who was later forgotten by the king at a sacrifice and thereby sent a wild boar to ravage the king’s village. Atalanta heroically re-joined her people in the hunt and was the first hunter to pierce the animal. Having gained the respect of her people, her father insisted she marry, and despite her disinterest she agreed – on condition that her suitor beat her in a footrace, and all losers be put to death. Hippomenes was victorious only in that he was aided by Aphrodite, who gave him three golden apples to cast in front of Atalanta during the race. They married and were later turned into lions when either Hippomenes did not pay Aphrodite her due respect or after they made love in one of Zeus’ temples. At the time it was thought that lions could only procreate with leopards, thus separating the two lovers forever…

We’re leaving it up to you to draw the parallels between the myth and the exhibition. Please join us for our opening reception, March 23rd, from 6-9PM at 230 W Superior (entrance on Franklin). Expect a goddess-worthy mountain of small bites and amazing whiskey from Journeyman Distillery.

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