Feb 7th 2013

As You Are: A Decade of You Are Beautiful

@ Green Exchange

2545 West Diversey, Chicago, Illinois 60618

Opening Thursday, February 7th, from 6PM - 11PM

On view through Wednesday, December 31st

Opening reception of a month long exhibit celebrating the past ten years of one strong message.

Artist Statement:
“I believe each and everyone of us is compelled to make an impact on our world. 10 years ago I stumbled upon a universal truth that hit home and I have not been able to shake it since.”

It began simply with 100 stickers. In the past decade over a half million stickers have traveled around our globe. From coast to coast, and around the world. You Are Beautiful has evolved into block long murals, public installations, and exhibitions at cultural institutions involving thousands of artists.

You Are Beautiful has grown much larger than any one person. Matthew Hoffman, who originally initiated the project, considers himself the custodian, keeping the lights on and the floor clean. He points to the incredible global community that has championed and embraced this message.

Showcasing New Work from:
Nick Adam, Matt Avery, Alexander Barrett, Nathan Bell, Kate Bingaman Burt, Will Bryant, Camp Firebelly, Michael Coleman, Kyle Louis Fletcher, Elaine Fong, Freight, Alex Fuller, Adi Goodrich, Renata Graw, Margot Harrington, Jessica Hische, Matthew Hoffman, Jesse Hora, INDO, Andrew St Lawrence, Nicole Lavele, Letterform, Andy Luce, Frances MacCleod, Erik Marinovich, Mike McQuade, Alison Yard Medland, Liz Meyer, Will Miller, Alyssa Nassner, Simone Noronha, Victoria Pater, Mike Perry, Scott Reinhard, Bud Rodecker, Emmy Star Brown, Alex Synge, Anne Ulku, Rick Valicenti and Katherine Walker.

Previous Works on Exhibit by:
Leanne Abramo, Nick Adam, Sonali Aggarwal, Jewn & Mark Arellano, Alis Atwell, Kamilah S. Autmon, Jeremy Barbour, Logan Bay, Mary Bigelow, Blutt, Bof’um, Jon Bollo, Bridgette Buckley, Nicolaus Chaffin, Choke, Dave Combs, Holly Combs, Miguel Cortez, Chris Damage, Joey D, Matt Daniel, Erik DeBat, Julie Demler, Design Tribe, Dez, Abel Dolby, Mike Dornseif, Edmar, Stephen Eichhorn, Margarita Fedorova, Sandra Fettingis, Elizabeth Flood, Phoebe Fisher, James Ford, Kim Frieders, Kevin Gallagher, Eric Graf, Ninja Girl, Sayre Gomez, Adrianne Goodrich, James Goodrich, Matt Granstrom, Lemon Grass, Eric Grzybek, Hananne Hanafi, Joe Hardesty, Elisa Harkins, E. Harris, Chris Hiltz, Kim Hoffman, Matthew Hoffman, Nikki Hollander, Brent Houston, John (Tuan) Huynh, Damien James, James “Casper” Jankowiak, Eric Johnson, Nelson Kahakina, Dave Kaplan, Ryan Kapp, Matthew Kellen, Chris Kerr, Francis Kmiecik, Dirk Knibbe, Karl Koett, Travis Lampe, Dan Ezra Lang, Joseph Lappie, Andy Lawrence, Matt Leigh, Anthony Lewellen, Lenore Lopez, Nicole Markin, Holly Matthews, Misha Maynerick, Deacon McDowell, Paulina McFarland, Deacon McDowell, Josh McPhee, Carl J. Matherne, Alex Morales, Rob Moriarty, Martin Morse, Duffy O’Connor, Matt Olson, Moira O’Neil, Otonohana, Jessica Paulson, Sarah Perez, Lee Piechocki, Perrine, Phonetic Control, Joey Potts, Ryan Quigley, Michael T Rea, M.M. Robinson, Kathryn Rodrigues, John Sadowski, Amy Sacksteder, DeeDee Scacci, Jeremy Schulz, Lex Non Scripta, Jon Scordato, The Sevenist, Rand Sevilla, Scott Shellhamer, Paul Simmons, Lisa Slominski, Heather Smith, Sonny, Chris Silva, Simian, Stomach, Sarah Sykes, Thor, Cecilia Vargas, The Viking, Eric Wagner, Marie Walz, Erin Waser, James Weber, Melissa Weimer, Travis Lee Wiggins, Patrick Willi, Lisa Yu, Jeff Zimmermann and Jim Zimpel

A 15 Person Spell-Out Featuring:
Members of Camp Firebelly, Firebelly Design, and Rebuilding Exchange; Mike Fretto, Audrey Green, Mai Nguyen, Mai Nguyen, Ohn Ho, Quinn Keaveney, Ryan Gibboney, Sam Snyder, Michelle Wu, Cynthia Main, Will Miller, Noel Rivard

Exhibition Partners:
Busy Beaver
Chicago Design Museum
Fig Catering
Firebelly Design
Green Exchange
Greenhouse Loft
Just Be Nice
MAP lab
Okay Type

Support the project on Kickstarter. Please visit the link below.

Official Website

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