Jan 12th 2013

Raeleen Kao: Body Like A Barrow & Jessica Curtaz: Fold

@ Bert Green Fine Art

8 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 1220 Chicago IL 60603

Opening Saturday, January 12th, from 5 PM - 8 PM

On view through Saturday, February 23rd

Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present two solo shows by artists working in graphite on paper — similar media but with greatly dissimilar results.

Raeleen Kao lives and works in Chicago, IL and is a printmaker at White Wings Press. These drawings draw on her early memories of a critical heart surgery at age three. She uses bodily imagery: hair, skin and scars to depict an interrleationships of mortality, bodily frailty, vanity and identity as signifiers for the interplay between life and death. Vanity is a futile foil against deterioration, the frailty of the body and physical realities as a truth more potent than any other. As a result, these drawings exhibit a quiet and profound aesthetic sophistication. This is Kao’s first solo show with the gallery.

Jessica Curtaz currently works in Philadelphia, PA. Her drawings are hyper-detailed studies of naturally occurring patterns which are taken from the observation of plant life. Highly complex and detailed views of hydrangea flower and leaf parts are repeated and recombined to create an overall abstract impression — these artworks reflect the artist’s fascination with biological forms and structures. Curtaz uses her considerable skill to make these drawings with the most remarkable amount of detail with minute linework, both arresting and at the same time disarming and lovely. This is Curtaz’s third solo show with the gallery.

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