Jan 19th 2013

Jordan Martins: Grafts & Ruptures

@ Rational Park

2557 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647

Opening Saturday, January 19th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Tuesday, February 12th

Chicago based visual artist Jordan Martins will exhibit new collage and mixed media work at Rational Park from January 19th until February 12th. Martins’ work features intuitively crafted worlds of candy-like bold color, vintage imagery and contrasting textures. Much like the spaceships and comic book hero drawings from his youth which built up complicated surfaces and rippled muscles through brute repetition, Martins’ collages create a space where new visual languages can develop and take shape. By manipulating and layering each fragment, he builds up to a larger, more captivating form. This multidimensional mashup results in wonderful tension between the chaos of the larger composition and the orderly, contained details of collage.

The title of one recent series, Ghost Nets, references a phenomenon in which fishing net scraps co-join in the ocean to form unruly conglomerations that both create provisional ecosystems and entrap and suffocate sea life–an apt metaphor for the images within the collage that take on new meaning when bound together with other images while remaining ensnared by their previous associations. Martins’s Ghost Nets are punctuated by bold shapes and patterns with whirling, dripping masses floating atop muted painted backdrops that possess a suspended quality like the nomadic, detritus-bound sea communities for which this series is named.

Showing: Jan 19th – Feb 12th

Opening Reception
Saturday, January 19, 2013 7-10 pm
Live Music Performance by Ben Babbitt


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