Dec 15th 2012

“Taffy Pull” is an exhibition that taps the familiar aesthetics of our utilitarian environment. Preoccupied with materials of homogenizing force, such as vinyl siding, molded plastic, and concrete, Erschen’s painted wood sculptures and cast-object assemblages cloud the associative power of architecture, utility, and body. “Taffy Pull” attempts to treat formal characteristics, such as symmetry, volume, and color, as sobering, manipulative forces that continually embarrass our experience of images and objects.

Paul Erschen is an artist and musician who lives and works in Chicago. Paul’s recent exhibitions include: “Newport Room” at The Hills Esthetic Center, “West Plaza” at Document Gallery, “Group Hug” at Co-Proseperity Sphere, and “Recipes for Mold And Sun”, a collaboration with Rachel Ettling, at Roxaboxen.

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