Dec 8th 2012

A large-scale projection on to slow-moving cargo trains

New Capital is excited to announce 24HRS/25DAYS, our final exhibition of the 2 year program at 3114 W. Carroll. The exhibition celebrates transformations, the work that all of us have yet to produce, and everything that is not yet known.

From November 16th at 6pm to December 12, at 11:59 pm, New Capital will be open to everyone 24 hours a day, featuring continuous programming in the upstairs and downstairs galleries, and in the back train yard. Over 100 works with varying durations will be produced over the course of the exhibition, including individual works, performances, classes, dinners, as well as other exhibitions, and many forms to be developed.

Audience may visit anytime to view and/or participate in the process of the exhibition.

More than an impossible quest for chaos or democratic organization for its own sake, 24HRS/25DAYS seeks to create a context in which individuals can collectively, and simultaneously occupy the (often competing) creative roles of their choosing.

The first artist reception will be held on Saturday Nov 17th, from 6pm – 9pm. Detailed scheduling can be found on our website, We will continue accepting proposals and scheduling works through the duration of the exhibition.

Artists currently presenting in the exhibition include; Liam Neff, Daniel Sullivan, Sober & Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art: Robyn Cook, Lauren von Gogh, Laura Mackin, Meredith & Anna, Justin Davis Anderson, Alexander Clark, Easton Miller, David Maddy, Jake Kean-Mayman, Karolina Knatowski, Chris Barnard, Clara Claus, Dan Bina, Kristianna Smith, Darryl Dennard, Ben Bertocci, Conrad Freiburg, Tricia Van Eyck, Caroline Picard, Devin King, Sarah Berkeley, Todd Mattei, Stevie Greco, Dan Paz, Karsten Lund, Scott Wolniak, Daniel Quiles, Sofia Lieby, Christopher Schreck, Willy Smart, Benjamin Boatright, Francesca Banchelli, E.C. Brown, Catie Olson, Michael Larsen, Edra Soto, Vincent Edward Tiley, Jason Matthew Friedes, Elana Sofia Tejada Herrera, Brandon Alvendia, Sarah Weber, Carmelle Safdie, Serge Pinsky, Min Song, Tyson Reeder, Stephanie Tisza, Brenna Quinn, Laura Denzer, Steve Badgett, Phillip Vonzweck, Forever and Always: Billy Joyce, Queer Thoughts: Sam Lipp, Miguel Bendaña, Tim Nickodemus, Amelia Ishmael, Meg Duguid, Dan Sullivan, Rabbid Rabbit, Walker Blackwell, Barbara Hashimoto, Teresa Albor, Lauren Anderson, Mitsu Salmon, E, Aaron Ross, Lynn Basa, Chris Meerdo, Connor Creagan, Frank Van Duerm, Laura Davis, Nathan Butler, Amber Marsh, Alex Schmidt, Blake M. Russell, Carol McGurdy, Albert Fallick-Wang, Chase Gamblin, Linda Kieu Phuong Tien, Sarah Beth Woods, Alexander Tam, Allison Glenn, Guillermo Gudiño & Georgia Wall, Victoria Martinez, Katherine Desjardins, Dianne Christianson, Hideous Beast: Josh Ippel, Charlie Roderick, Maria Capron, Claire Ashley, Yasi Ghanbari, Seth Sher, The Hills Esthetic Center: Mike Kloss, Ron Ewert,Leo Kaplan, Michael Kaysen, Hoyun Sun, Gary Alderman, Lauren Humphries, Caitlin Ryan, Rebecca Graejda, Shane Mecklenburger, Daniel Luedetke, Chris Cuellar,

Though some events will feature a bar, a majority of the exhibition is b.y.o.b., there is also a continuous community potluck. If you are inspired to, please bring items to share.

When entering and exiting, please be careful to shut the gate, and despite desolate appearances, be respectful of the neighborhood 🙂

Although the exhibition can never be experienced in its entirety, public contributions of documentation will be included in our 2013 catalogue. Please submit!

We look forward to seeing you!

With love,

Ben Foch and Chelsea Culp

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