Dec 15th 2012

Adam Grossi: Householder

@ Sofa King

3216 s. Morgan St. Apt 4R Chicago, IL, 60608

Opening Saturday, December 15th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Thursday, January 17th

Adam Grossi creates images as a response to powerful experiences and as a way of speaking back to culture. He grew up in suburban Northern Virginia in a town called Reston, a place conceived of and developed along utopian-spirited ideals. As time has gone on, those ideals have been challenged by the dominant narrative of the American pleasant life and the ensuing argument is literally encoded in the streets, the parks, and the homes. Adam approaches his work as a decoding of this perpetual conflict between the spaciousness of ideals and the confines of cultural conventions.

Householder, Adam’s exhibition of new works on paper and paintings at Sofa King, covers a wide spectrum of visual inquiry, allowing the cultural language of pleasantness to unravel through the influence of emotional upheaval, intellectual resistance, and the slow force of indeterminate observation.

Adam Grossi and SOFA KING are implementing a pricing system designed to make the buyer an active participant in determining a fair market value for the artwork. Each drawing has a number of hours associated with it that represents the amount of time Adam spent making it. To purchase a drawing, the buyer will declare the hourly wage that he/she feels is an appropriate compromise between their personal economic situation and gainful employment for the artist ($15/hour is the minimum wage). The resulting dollar amount, plus a $15 materials fee, a $25 gallery fee, and $1/month conceptual gestation fee will be added, and that sum, plus 9.75% Chicago sales tax, will result in the price of the work.

SOFA KING is a gallery that exhibits flatworks in artist Christopher Smith’s apartment. It is a prerequisite that all exhibiting artists have a conversation with Christopher Smith about how their work relates to economics, audience, patronage, and access while being displayed in a domestic setting. The ideas expressed in these conversations will inform how the artist will proceed, whether they use it as a prompt, or something to resist or subvert. SOFA KING’s programming will end after the fourth exhibition in the winter of 2013.

New Work by Adam Grossi
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 15th, 7pm-10pm
Hours by appointment from
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 through January 17th, 2013.

This art is not great. It is Sofa King great.

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