Oct 11th 2012

The centerpiece of Richard Lerman’s residency at the University of Chicago is the development and installation of a site-specific acoustic work created from the unique sonic structure of the Logan Center for the Arts building. Lerman will attach his handmade piezo disk transducers onto the structural support beams of the North stairwell of the building, allowing these contact pick-up mechanisms to amplify the otherwise unheard sounds of the building itself. Natural shifts and settlement, the impact of the outside environment, and the movement of bodies up and down the stairwell of the building will be recorded and subsequently amplified in designated adjacent listening spots. Lerman’s work will allow us to hear the building’s inner-workings and transform what we perceive to be a solid architectural container of space into an organism that moves and generates sound in reaction to its use. Capturing the inherently relational quality of sound, Lerman’s installation at the Logan Center for the Arts will create a dynamic environment in which architecture and sound transform one another.

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