Oct 19th 2012

Mike Paro: As long as it looks good and fits the budget

@ Kirk's Apartment

2251 W Cornelia

Opening Friday, October 19th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Friday, November 30th

Kirk Faber: So, Mike. What have you been working on lately, roughly, without giving too much away?

Mike Paro: I’ve been thinking a lot about design. I’m interested in what drives aesthetic choices–use, efficiency, function. My recent work combines the differences I observe in how art is formed and how design is formed — where we approach the two fields. Simplified, I see design as informing things from the world and art informing things from the self.

KF: I like that. I was thinking earlier today about the pieces we were talking about and the work’s relationship to furniture or home decor. Then there’s the fact that these things are going to be set up in front of the window or over the couch, etc. The work’s not being designed specifically for my apartment but it seems like materials like naugahyde or Ikea fixtures might fit the situation, or they might very well not. How do you feel about these things existing in my apartment instead of a normal, white-walled gallery?

MP: I would hope the work feelsright at home. I’ve selected the work to reflect a domestic setting, and the setting does allow for a slight tinge of humor to enter the conversation, but that I am OK with. The line is blurred on where art is and where an interior designer stepped in. That line between art and life really reflects your work, and I’m really glad it worked out this way–an unintended collaboration of sorts.

KF: Well that’s an interesting comparison. I hadn’t thought about that but it totally makes sense. In that case maybe I should paint a wall to match one of your pieces or reupholster a chair in naugahyde. Or at least wear a matching tie or something. Maybe not.

MP: I’m into it.

As long as it looks good and fits the budget: Mike Paro at Kirk’s Apartment opens Friday, October 19th at our new location (2251 N Cornelia, Apt 2) with an opening reception between 6 and 9pm.

The exhibition will be on view by appointment until November 30th, 2012.
To make an appointment please email Kirk at kirksapartment@gmail.com.

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