Sep 30th 2012

This series of live performances responds to and highlights Chicago’s proximity to water. From compositions and scores involving multiple performers to solo performances, this series highlights music and performances that reflect, react to, or personify the sounds of water.

The performances – sited on the beach – draw metaphorically and/or actually from the sounds of water. Works range from ‘s performance of Swell Piece, a droning composition which mirrors the sounds of water swelling to Jonathan Chen’s work situated on a fishing boat.

Performers: , Simon Anderson, Jonathan Chen, Meg Duguid, Frank Rosaly, and Chicago Phonographers


About 6018 NORTH:
6018NORTH is a newly formed, culturally dynamic platform that promotes experimental art, culture, and sustainability to enhance quality of life. Located in Edgewater, 6018NORTH is a green, non-profit space that develops interconnections through food, performance, installation art, and sound.

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