Sep 14th 2012

Layers, Paths, & Channels

@ Chicago Artists' Coalition

217 N. Carpenter Street

Opening Friday, September 14th, at 6PM

On view through Tuesday, October 2nd

By presenting an eclectic variety of paintings, sculptures, and installations, Layers, Paths, and Channels integrates the distinctive techniques and subject matter of five HATCH Project artists, effectively calling attention to the individuality of the works while simultaneously encouraging viewers to seek out connections between shared processes and concepts. The additive procedure of layering, the multiple trajectories of intertwining paths, and the communicative, temporal quality of channels all bespeak physical stages of creation and the multiple levels of meaning that are only apparent through the juxtaposition of disparate work in a shared space.
Steve Amos’s optically charged paintings reveal linear patterns that resemble technological circuitry, puzzles, the circulatory system, and otherworldly Rorschach patterns, their hand painted quality also gives them a welcoming approachability. Carole Hennessy’s grounded, traditional practice, inspired by the rural landscape, is expanded through her experimental, many channeled installations of spontaneous and free works on paper. Debra Kayes channels traditions in drawing, sculpture, architecture, textiles, and design to create modular installations of loopy and bulbous hives, eyeballs, branches, origami forms, and DNA structures. Cydney Lewis’s large, free-hanging works are made from layers of plastic bags that the artist collects from her neighborhood and repurposes to create dancing colors and forms that reflect the domestic and handmade. Sandra Perlow, in her lyrical, kinetic paintings and collages, takes the layers of hand-painted paper, fabric, and paint to create works that combine clusters of confetti-like organic forms with drawn architectural marks, recalling Louis Sullivan’s ornate relief patterns and Matisse’s late collage work.

There will be an opening reception on Friday, September 14 from 6-9pm, and the exhibition will run through October 2, 2012.

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