Aug 22nd 2012


a solo show by COLOMBIAN performance artist

“this project was born from this, my first trip to NORTH AMERICA where I began to understand that as a COLOMBIAN, as a LATIN AMERICAN, as an artist, as a human being, I have a social commitment. I think the artist is a bridge – like the shaman in older times who connected society with the spiritual world or the unconscious collective to find the cure or the means to balance the vital forces of society. the contemporary artist is part of the cure by being a generator of active thought. the project “HOLA, I AM A HUMAN BEING Y…. USTED?” exploits the strong possibility offered by DEFIBRILLATOR gallery to make this space a place of active thought during 4 days…the cure!”

this project is a ritual divided in four parts and four days, all starting at 7pm.
WED 8.22 untitled piece
THU 8.23 in the caverns of body
FRI 8.24 in the name of
SAT 8.25 reliquarium

JUAN PABLO BELTRÁN HILARIÓN was born in MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA in 1979, studied music at the YOUTH SYMPHONY OF BOGOTA and also plastic and visual arts in the ASAB, faculty of arts of the UNIVERSITY DISTRICT OF BOGOTA. his work focuses around a thematic point, investigating the individuality and its relation to otherness, understanding a particular way of being as part of the social construct. it is in everyday life where he finds the biggest field of action, a starting point to assume reflective acts on the various issues that, as an individual in engagement with the collectivity, he reinvents himself through art-action. he defines as field of action the urban space because it is there where he finds the relevance of presenting self, being and body to the collective territory. undressed, uprooted and unprotected he includes himself in the daily routine.

in 2006 while a student at the ASAB, JUAN PABLO joined the collective OKAN. in 2009 he began working with two contemporary dance companies, MALDITA DANZA, and TREVIUS, where he is a co-creator, art director and workshop director in the field of art-action, giving him an opportunity to reassess his approach to bodywork. in 2009 he began working with a new group named GEOCORPUS, whose collective interests are projected onto art-action with a social outlook. GEOCORPUS gives creative workshops to audiences outside of the art community, in vulnerable social groups where this country’s socio-political problems become evident. this project has led the artist to understand how art-action has a potential for real social impact.

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