Jun 16th 2012


@ The Franklin

3522 W. Franklin Blvd

On view through Sunday, June 17th

The Franklin is pleased to announce it’s inaugural exhibition, VOIDS by Rafael E. Vera.

Rafael’s work explores the elusive aspects of a structure that, despite familiarity, remains unknowable. He investigates this struggle in the ambiguous and unresolved limbo of the home. Incomplete structures, formally and conceptually, create in-between spaces where the void and the defining line interact and coexist. They are compromised. They are unsettled. They are points of departure and arrival, overlapping one another and striving for identity.

Borders, contradictory in nature, simultaneously reveal and conceal; they both define and collapse the identity and purpose of a space.

Foundations, for a home, seem a little obscene; rarely exposed. They are blind cavities, elegant and purposeless like organs separated from a body. They signify potential, and yet they appear so still. They are voids, suspended in time, defying resolution, separated from their function to support a structure.

Jessica Cochran wrote “Vera acts as intervener, creating works that mediate the spaces they are in. Less about the politics of the architecture that it is about the observable characteristics of the space, his installations make the viewer aware of the countless individual acts that make up his/her own inhabitation of a room: one must navigate around, look over, stand below, identify edges, consider relationships. As a result, Vera’s art and the architecture it is in symbiotically co-exist in a charged environment.”

On first come first serve basis we will offer the Untitled Home Brewing’s Commemorative Saison style Ale – a collaboration between Rafael E. Vera and Dan Sullivan – brewed specially for The Franklin inaugural show: VOIDS.

Opening: Saturday June 16 from 5:00 to 10:00pm and Sunday June 17 by appointment only.

The Franklin: 3522 W. Franklin Blvd

Contact: 312.823.3632

More of Rafael E. Vera’s work at www.rafaelevera.com

Official Website

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