Jun 10th 2012

Announcement for upcoming exhibition featuring mechanical, kinetic sculptures and drawings by Chicago artist Mark Porter at the Peanut Gallery, June 10

Autohaemorrhaging Actuators,
Recent Kinetic Sculptures and Preliminary Drawings by Mark Porter
June 10-July 3, 2012

Peanut Gallery, 1000 N. California Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Autohaemorrhaging Actuators is a collection of recent preliminary drawings and kinetic sculptures
which mimic biological functions and human/animal behaviors such as demarcation- the process
of marking of one’s personal territory and autohaemorrhaging- the action of animals deliberately
ejecting blood from the body as a defensive tactic. All of the works are thematically centered on
the process of ejecting internal fluids with the purpose of creation, territorial marking, masking
and rejection.

Chicago-based artist Mark Porter creates mechanical, kinetic sculptures that act as prototypes
through the fusion of custom-made and found objects and preliminary drawings with graphite,
paint, wintergreen oil transfer and aluminum.

Front image: detail image of Autohaemorrhaging Actuator #2, 2012, aluminum, electric motor, air
pump, plexi-glass, steel, glass and pigmented fluid.

“Peanut Gallery is a space for creative collaboration, experimentation, exhibition and good, old-fashioned mingling. Their goal is to connect creative people with one another and nurture a vibrant, inclusive community of artists and intellectuals.”

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