May 4th 2012

Natural Selection

@ Black Cloud Gallery

1909 S Halsted, Chicago IL, 60641

Opening Friday, May 4th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Tuesday, May 29th

Black Cloud Gallery presents Natural Selection. Works from Jessica Hogberg, Kristen Maniscalco, Grace Scott, and Mark Yee revolve around the theme of nature, the systems within it, and our impact upon it.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 4th, 7:00 – 10:00 PM
2nd Fridays: Friday, May 11th, 6:00 – 10:00 PM

Open during business hours: Friday, May 4th – Wednesday, May 30th

Jessica Hogberg:
My artwork focuses on the systems, variations, and interactions between marks. The work can be viewed as a visual documentation of marks and movement that inevitably creates a system. Ranging from earthy and gestural to sterile and mechanical, marks become forms that evoke an existence. They mimic events such as mutation, micro-systems, and reproduction. Systems and marks become the building blocks with which I disassemble, reconstruct, and reinvent structures.

Kristen Maniscalco:
Since humans have lived on this planet, they have been using and exploiting resources to the point of exhaustion, and without respect for other life. My work is a reaction to our exponential population increase, and communicates the importance of respectful forethought regarding our natural resources. Using clay, glaze, wax, and metal, I create sculptures that deal with environmental, health-related, and social concerns.

Grace Scott:
Observations of the deep forests and rolling hills of Northern Michigan I grew up in, combined with my creative right brain, have created a new myth I live and work by. This ‘myth’ is an ongoing and growing creation. It represents a spiritual connection with nature, and is influenced by folklore, native myths, religions,and science. By integrating the ‘myth’ into my work, I am able to juxtapose it with the harsh realities of the modern world. I see the damage inflicted on the environment and animals, and view them as martyrs. I intend to show viewers nature as I see it, and remind them of our beautiful world’s fragility.

Mark Yee:
My work explores the ideas of energy and rest; peace and strife; yin and yang co-existing and occurring simultaneously in natural phenomena. Depth, layering, and balance are explored while creating spatial tensions in landscape-related compositions. Large-scale abstract work concentrates on creating as well as capturing movement. Allusions to windswept night skies or where a rocky shore meets the ocean can be found in the work, yet it remains purely abstract. My work is about balance and having the viewer finding peace for themselves in the paintings.

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