Apr 13th 2012

Animal Sensation
by Emily Jones

On my show, yellow hair on an orange
Head protrudes a tongue onto that
One in the hole

On the other head.
Her hot pink slab really feels for
The other pad.

Eyes painted like a doe’s— caught
In the headlights: The car’s
A hell bent

Babe magnet. These guys go,
God will come at the end (of the blow.)
They swear, sounding like a boom

On the head and ears of a bounding
Doe (she goes in the wood.)
The hunk

Takes the gang
From the bang. With it come knobs,
Frequencies of radio unlimited, human.

WIWWIW is an acronym that does not specify what is desired; an unanswerable cry. The new sculptural works by Hendrickson are inspired by the small bodies found in manga porn, factory farms, and child beauty pageants.

Jacqueline Hendrickson received her MFA from the University of Chicago where she is currently a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Visual Arts. Her studio, a refurbished centenarian barn, is located in Wisconsin.

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